Four Amazing Fish from Ancient Egypt Slot Game Overview

When you bring up Ancient Egypt in a place with slot machines, you shouldn’t expect to hear, “Oh yeah, great fishing.” Nile Perch, a popular species for anglers in modern Egypt, may grow to be quite large. However, it is unusual for an online slot to combine two of the genre’s most popular themes—fishing and Ancient Egypt—into a single game. In response to the demand for a sequel to its critically acclaimed slot 4 Fantastic Fish, software developer 4ThePlayer has released 4 Fantastic Fish In Egypt, which has almost identical gameplay but with a unique cultural spin.

There are no shadowy angled slots out there, so be bright and upbeat while designing your slot machine. Logic dictates this, since few people would like witnessing dolphins and turtles being suffocated in a massive drift net as it trawls the vast seas to catch fish fingers for the masses, or whales being harpooned and chopped up back on the dock to gain a few pennies. Better to follow the lead of 4ThePlayer and other developers and create a game with a bright, upbeat color palette; even the fish appear content in this environment. Now, instead of coral, there are pyramids, sculptures, and a felucca doing business on the Nile. This hybrid may or may not be to your taste.

Keep an eye out for the fact that, like its forerunner, 4 Fantastic Fish in Egypt is a highly volatile slot that offers players a choice of four different return to player (RTP) models. There is no indication that the theoretical maximum return value is lower than 96% while consistently playing or when purchasing features. Players may choose to wager anywhere from 10 pence and £/€80 every spin, with the Respin Bonus costing 75 times the bet and the Collect feature costing 30 times the bet.

In the center of the screen, you’ll see four Fantastic Fish. There are 4,096 possible combinations on Egypt’s game grid, which consists of 5 reels with 4 symbols each. The high-paying symbols include a tackle box, a reel, a cat, a bird, and a lady angler, while the low-paying ones are made to seem like floats with hooks. For modest bets, a winning manner of five of a kind pays 1.5 to 2.5 times the wager, while big bets pay 3 to 10 times the wager. The boat is the wild symbol, and it may replace any other icon except than the scatters.

Slot Machines Featuring Four Amazing Egyptian Fish

Fish for Cash Prizes, Giant Squid, a Sarcophagus Scatter, and a Respin Bonus with a Shark feature are all still there in 4 Fantastic Fish in Egypt.

Get Paid to Fish

Any combination of fish symbols, regardless of where they appear on the reels, will pay out. Cash payouts range from 0.1x to 50x the wager, depending on which reel they fall on. However, a huge game fish on the last reel might result in a payout of 100x, 500x, 2,000x, or even 10,000x the original wager.

Huge Squid

Any spin will enough for the Giant Squid to land. The Giant Squid is responsible for rearranging winning combinations of fish symbols in the main game. During the respin bonus feature, the Giant Squid shifts closed reels’ Fish symbols to open ones.

Bonus Respins

The respin bonus round is activated when three or more scatter symbols are landed. When a scatter symbol appears, just the reel it is on expands, while the other reels stay locked. All fish symbols on the open reels during the triggering spin will be frozen in place. Now, whenever new symbols appear, you will be given three free spins. When a fish symbol lands on an open reel, it remains locked for the length of the round, whereas a respin scatter opens a closed reel but does not lock it. If all the fish symbols on an active reel are locked, a shark will swim across the reels and steal the cash rewards. After then, the sum is doubled and kept in the most prominent slot.

Sarcoid Dispersal

One of the following adjustments is made if a Sarcophagus scatter appears in the respin bonus:

The Giant Squid feature opens up reels by shifting closed reels’ Fish symbols to the open positions.

All cash winnings on a reel are multiplied by the Shark feature’s multiplicator, and the resulting sum remains fixed at the top of the reel.

To claim the total amount of all visible cash awards, click the “Collect Icon” button.

The value of the Incrementer Icon is added to the sum won together with any other locked cash awards.

Any cash prizes in view, regardless of whether they contributed to a Cash Ways Win, will be awarded if the Sarcophagus scatter appears in the basic game.

The 4 Best Fish in Egypt, According to a Slot Machine

It’s amusing how combining an Egyptian and fishing theme may be seen as either the greatest or least apparent choice in iGaming. I can’t say for sure. Whether this was a stroke of brilliance on the part of 4ThePlayer or something gamblers would find difficult to stomach is likewise unclear. It’s like having too much of a good thing. It would be like eating a pepperoni pizza topped with ice cream. For fans of 4FF, fishing slots, and Ancient Egypt, 4FF: Egypt may be the online slot design equal of a game of 4D chess.

Let’s check out 4 Fantastic Fish in Egypt’s mechanics before we go crazy attempting to make sense of this situation in our heads. The situation is essentially unchanged as before. These days, it’s not uncommon to win money from Fish symbols, but you’ll normally need a fisherman symbol to help you out. 4 Fantastic Fish in Egypt takes a different tack by having players win rewards based on the formation of winning combinations of fish icons. This affords the Giant Squid the opportunity to contribute to the main game on occasion. The bonus game in 4 Fantastic Fish in Egypt isn’t your standard 3-respin hold-and-win bonus. Instead, they employ a more intricate system of unlocking reels to maximize the Shark Feature, which may be quite helpful, and the new Sarcophagus Feature, which serves as a sort of cherry on top.

It’s safe to assume that players who enjoyed the original 4 Fantastic Fish game would also like 4 Fantastic Fish In Egypt. A large maximum gain of 15,000x the stake, cash reward awards for the Fish symbol, and the odd or ingenious incorporation of Ancient Egypt should all find an appreciative audience.

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